Is my numbness or pain peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy goes by many names, with treatments that have very mixed results. If you suffer from pain, numbness, tingling, or balance issues, it's all about relief. And there is a treatment that can help.

How can I get relief from my discomfort?

Get answers to your questions, learn more about Realief Therapy and experience results that help get your life back. Find the treatment that's giving relief to so many others.

Where do I go to get started?

Let us help you find a Realief Neuropathy Center nearest you and schedule an initial consultation. You don't have to live in discomfort. There is hope. There is a treatment that can help.

We're changing lives.

There was this constant numbness and pain in my feet. The doctors called it diabetic neuropathy. It was tremendously annoying and frustrating — kept me from being the best teacher to my students and being myself with my family. I'd try to go for a run and couldn't do it anymore. After the Realief Therapy that terrible feeling that I had in my legs is gone.

~ Robbin, Symptom: Numbness in Feet More Realief Therapy Success Stories »