Success Stories


Scott C.

Scott“Several days each week, I go out for long walks. On any given day, I may walk 4 to 8 miles, but there was a time when I could barely make 100 ft. And today, I walk with no pain or impediment at all, and in complete control of my feet and legs. Not many people can do that. Who have had neuropathy ravaging their feet for 17 years, as I have, the story of my recovery is a nightmare with a happy ending. I could hardly get down to the end of my driveway, but the next day I went 30 ft farther and 30 ft more the next day, and I kept pushing the envelope. Every time I did that, my feet got more flexible and my legs got stronger. And here I am. Today I have legs that, to me, belong on a 19-year-old body. Five years after I was supposed to be forever in a wheelchair, and just this last spring and summer, I walked over 200 miles. I wake up every day feeling happy, grateful to relief neuropathy, and Doctor Kelm for giving me back a life that’s worth living.”

Scott’s Symptom Intensity Chart
Before and After Realief Therapy

Scott symptom intensity chart


Melba H.

Melba H“I’ve been married for 62 years and we have 6 children, all married with families. I like to garden and do lots of preserving and canning. But last summer my doctor diagnosed me with peripheral neuropathy. My condition got continually worse: my feet hurt and got really numb, which spread up into my legs. It’s not just in your feet and legs and hands. You feel bad all over and that slows you down. A neuropathy specialist prescribed medicine that didn’t do any good.Then I tried Realief. The technician just takes that little red light and runs it up and down your legs and feet and between your toes. First they do that for a short time and then they go to the legs, feet and the hands, between the fingers. It’s just a little bit warming. Otherwise there’s no other sensation. It’s comfortable and easy.The numbness gradually went away. One day I got out of bed and I could feel the roughness of the carpet. It is a big difference and it just makes living easier. I feel a lot better when I’m out gardening. One of our daughters told me: “Well you’re feeling good today, I hear it in your voice.” When the doctors say there is nothing you can do about it, now we know there is. I would recommend Realief to anyone with peripheral neuropathy. There is hope”

Melba’s Symptom Intensity Chart
Before and After Realief Therapy

Melba Symptom Intensity Chart


Clifford S.

Clifford“I’ve been a cattle farmer for 45 years. Five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, and a side effect of the chemo was neuropathy. After about 6 months it had gotten to where I had no feeling in my feet. They were totally numb. It got to the point I had to use a walker just getting from the couch to the bathroom. The pain at night was almost unbearable, and I would sometimes sneak another pain pill. Otherwise I would find myself just shaking my feet because they hurt so bad. I was disappointed that I wasn’t forewarned about that. My chemo doctor suggested Realief Therapy. My first appointment I had no idea what was going to happen. I was led into an office with a little couch, and I leaned back and relaxed, and the nurse came in and explained what she was doing. She had a little laser instrument and she repeatedly went up and down my knee to my ankle and then to my toes. It was a good feeling. It lasted about 45 minutes. To my surprise, I could feel it was doing good. After two or three treatments, I was satisfied I was getting relief. The pain seemed to get less and the feeling in my legs went down to my ankles. I was very pleased. Before I started treatments, I was almost confined to the house. I missed a lot of basketball games my grandchildren played in. Now, I would go anywhere. I’ve been to all their games.”

Clifford’s Symptom Intensity Chart
Before and After Realief Therapy

clifford symptom intensity chart


Estella P.

Estella“About four years ago I started feeling numbness and discomfort in my feet. I thought it would go away, but it didn’t. I saw a podiatrist, and he told me to get some special shoes. The shoes didn’t do a whole lot. Then my chiropractor put me in a brace, and I still wasn’t getting a whole lot of relief. Then I saw an orthopedic surgeon, and he said “I’m just going to give you a cortisone shot.” That took care of the pain, but I still had discomfort in my feet. Nobody seemed to be doing anything so I finally went to our medical doctor. He says, “I think you have neuropathy.” He said there’s no cure. So I tried the pills they gave me but they didn’t do anything, except make me gain weight. Then he sent me to a neurologist, and she too said, “There’s no cure but we can give you this medication and it should help.” But that didn’t help either. It made me very, very sick. I had such terrible pain at night in my feet. They hurt so bad I wasn’t getting any sleep. So finally we found Realief Neuropathy Centers. My biggest fear was pain with the treatment. But there wasn’t any. It was probably the third treatment where I really found relief – the pain had lessened, and I was walking better. I could wear shoes and not have any pain. Now I feel things where before I couldn’t. It’s just unreal. I can walk with no pain. I can do my housework. I can be outside. We take our granddaughters to the beach and I can walk in the sand and water.

Estella’s Symptom Intensity Chart
Before and After Realief Therapy

Estella symptom intensity chart


Richard E.

Richard“I own a tree farm and I have chores galore. I got neuropathy about four years ago as a result of Lyme disease. I’m on my feet eight, ten hours a day and I got to the point where I couldn’t even walk behind my lawn mower without having to sit down and rest. My legs were always sore. It was just getting worse and worse. And then I started to get numbness and tingling in my fingers. I was really frustrated and alarmed not being able to do the things I’m normally able to do.I was having so much pain and I don’t like to be treated with pain. So when I heard about Realief Therapy, it was ideal: it was noninvasive, no drugs involved. They talked you through it. It was simple. There was no pain. And they were concerned about my feeling too much heat or if I had any problems. About halfway through the treatments, I really started to notice that my pain and tingling and the hotness were going away. Now, I’m back to being able to do what I could do before without having to think about it. Without being sore. I didn’t use to be able to be on my feet at all. Now I can do that all day long, every day without any issue whatsoever. It’s a miracle. I couldn’t walk my dog more than a quarter of a mile. Now I walk the dog two miles every day, and sometimes he has trouble keeping up with me.

Richard’s Symptom Intensity Chart
Before and After Realief Therapy

Richards symptom intensity chart


Duane B.

Duane B.“About a year ago, I started to develop numbness in my feet. I would wake up in the morning and my feet were numb. So I went to my doctor and he was puzzled, thought it might be Lyme disease and did that test. That turned out negative. By that time the numbness lasted for several hours in the morning and was across most of my feet. By the time I got to see a neurologist, it was moving up to my ankles. She did an EEG and told me my nerves were good. But the symptoms continued to move up my legs. Then I had shooting pains in my toes. That’s when I made an appointment at Realief Neuropathy Centers. When I started the treatments, they used a tuning fork type thing on my leg and I could only feel vibration just below my knee. After a couple of treatments it moved right down my leg and now it’s back to the ends of my toes. I’m pretty enthused about that. Before, it felt like being frozen and numb, and I had these shooting pains like an electrical shock. Then sometimes my feet felt burning hot. But the effects of the treatment were very rapid – even the doctor was surprised. Now it’s back to feeling normal, and I don’t have to think about it, which is exciting. If there are people out there like I was, they need to know about Realief, because it’s a shame to have something available that will help them and not know about it. It’s the difference between no hope and hope.

Duane’s Symptom Intensity Chart Before and After Realief Therapy

Duane Symptom Intensity Chart


Joyce L.

Joyce L.“I’m a retired nurse. I like to swim and walk a couple miles a day. Or I did. My neuropathy started with just my foot. First it was a little stinging and numbness. Then it started getting more painful. It felt like it was swollen although it wasn’t. It got so I couldn’t walk anymore. I even turned down something I was supposed to be going to because it was just too much walking and I knew I couldn’t tolerate it.I got what looked like sores on my feet. The podiatrist said it was frostbite. When I went to the internist, he said it wasn’t. He put me on some drugs that knocked me out. I couldn’t function at all. I won’t live with that. Then he said he really didn’t have any other ideas. In desperation I went to see what else was out there. I found Realief Neuropathy Centers. I read everything. All the testimonials. And I didn’t really believe it. As a former RN, I tend to be a skeptic when it comes to things like that.After the first treatment I got rid of my pain. I started feeling more and more each time. I have no pain now. I have no tightness. I have practically no symptoms anymore. I’m back to walking two miles a day. To be able to do things again feels wonderful. I say it’s a miracle. It’s given me my life back. I was skeptical, but you can’t really argue with a treatment that works.”

Joyce’s Symptom Intensity Chart Before and After Realief Therapy

Joyce Symptom Intensity Chart


Morrie W.

Morrie W.“I’m an Army veteran. Following several surgeries in the military, I was finding my entire foot, especially my toe, was having a lot of stinging and severe itching. It almost felt like a small knife was going into my foot. It was so severe at times that it would wake me from sleep. It was getting to the point that it affected my driving. I would have to pull over to the side of the road. Sometimes it was so severe I couldn’t handle it. That’s when I started using prescription narcotics. After a few years I just couldn’t continue. The drugs did not help. The doctors said, “You’re probably going to have to live with this for the rest of your life.” I didn’t find relief in anything. I heard about Realief Neuropathy Centers from a newspaper article. After two weeks I started to feel a difference. I was able to sit at my desk and work for hours and not have the burning and stinging sensations. I had better control of my fingers in working with the keyboard. Each week I got progressively better. I was still having tinges, but they weren’t with the frequency that they were earlier. Driving the car was an immense improvement. Now I’m able to have restful sleep. Besides giving me physical ease, Realief gave me mental ease as well. If you have neuropathy, don’t have a second thought about going for this. It’s worth every penny”

Morrie’s Symptom Intensity Chart Before and After Realief Therapy

Morrie symptom intensity chart


Mary G.

Mary“I’m 89 years old and I’m very active. I like to swim and walk a lot. But when I broke my toe almost 15 years ago, I started feeling numbness, first in my right foot, but it wasn’t long until it got into the left foot too. It’s really hard to describe the tingle, the hurt.I went to two or three doctors and they diagnosed it as peripheral neuropathy. They put me on all these medications that were supposed to help. I really don’t think they do much good.Then my daughter told me I should try Realief Therapy. They explained a lot more than the other doctors did. They used some little tingling things to see how far the neuropathy went. Then they used laser treatments, starting up in my leg and down to my feet. They’d go up and down, from the bottom of my feet all the way up to about half way to my knees. They did it very slowly and carefully. You don’t feel anything really: they don’t touch your skin. It just feels very pacifying, and it really did relieve a lot of the pain. I’m so glad I had the treatments. I know they helped me. Now the tingling is gone. I used to have terrible pains that shot through my big toe. I don’t have those anymore at all. I haven’t had one since halfway through the treatment. I couldn’t just go for a walk. Now I can.

Mary’s Symptom Intensity Chart Before and After Realief Therapy

Marys symptom intensity chart


“It was so hard to keep teaching. There was this constant numbness and pain in my feet. The doctors called it diabetic neuropathy. It was tremendously annoying and frustrating — kept me from being the best teacher to my students and being myself with my family. I’d try to go for a run and couldn’t do it anymore. After the Realief® Neuropathy Therapy that terrible feeling that I had in my legs is gone. I’m back to long walks and, hopefully, will be back to running soon. I’m able to concentrate when I’m teaching and can do things with my husband again without hurting all the time.”


“Three years ago, they told me I had degeneration in my feet — bone spurs and bunions, that I needed surgery. It didn’t help the pain at all. I still couldn’t sleep from all the pain in my feet at night. I was taking more and more Neurontin during the night. After the Realief Neuropathy Therapy, my Neurontin is down from 900 mg a night to about 200 mg. And, if I’m honest, I think I may not really need it at all. Thank God! I thought I’d just have to live with this. But finally, my feet don’t hurt. I went from a cynic about this treatment to a walking testimonial.”


“Managing my diabetes has always been important to me, but it continues to give me problems. In the past few years I began to have itchy, hot feet. The doctors said it was symptoms from peripheral neuropathy. I tried other treatments, but nothing was working. Then I found out about Realief Therapy. Now I get around a lot better without relying on a walker or cane all the time. And for the first time in years, I can actually move around the house, climb stairs and get more of my chores done. I don’t even have to pack my legs in ice packs like did before. The terrible itch is gone. I sleep in my own bed again — all night long. My husband is really happy. We think there’s definitely been a big improvement with Realief Neuropathy Therapy.”


“I hurt my feet pretty bad in the first Iraq war. I crushed some bones and it took a long time to get up and moving again. But I was still experiencing some sort of nerve damage — a severe tingling, then burning sensation. It began to move up from my feet to my legs. My doctor asked how bad it was on a scale of 1 to 10. I told her it was 7 and it was getting worse. My first visit to the Realief Neuropathy Treatment Center was in a wheelchair. After some treatments I progressed to crutches, then just a cane. Now most of my tingling and burning has stopped, all the way down to my toes. The other plus is no more narcotics to cover my pain.”


“I had real difficulty with balance. All I felt was this numbness and discomfort in my feet and toes, some in my hands too. It was tough to stand still and talk to someone or do the shopping. I would change shoes four or five times a day to try to get some sort of relief. The tips of my toes and the balls of my feet were really numb and parts of my legs were turning this purple color. But every trip to the Realief Neuropathy Treatment Center brought me something new. A new feeling. Feelings I hadn’t felt for a long time. My goal was to be able to stand and walk barefoot again. I’ve reached that goal.”


“I’ve had this progressive numbness in both my legs for 25 years. I spent two days at a major medical center and they said I had peripheral neuropathy and nothing could be done. Then I met this gentleman who told me about the help he’d gotten at the Realief Neuropathy Treatment Center. He couldn’t believe the difference that it made. I put off my first visit because it was a long drive in the winter and I’m 82 years old. It’s been sort of miraculous. I’ve put up with cold, numb feet and legs for so long, and now being able to feel hot water in the bathtub. It’s such a joyful sensation. Being able to stand on one leg while I pull my pants on. Walking my dog and not being afraid of falling is so nice.”

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