Why Realief?

The Consultation Is Painless. The Decision Is Yours.

Realief Neuropathy Centers If your life is limited by the symptoms of neuropathy, there is an opportunity for real relief. Your first step is to make an appointment for a consultation. If you’re a candidate, and would like to proceed, a treatment schedule will be laid out based on your needs. There’s no pressure – you are free to decide whether to become a Realief patient.

The Treatment Process Is Easy.

The therapy itself involves an initial treatment phase and ongoing periodic follow-up to ensure that you maintain your symptom relief long term. A typical initial treatment schedule will include two to three sessions per week for usually no more than six weeks. That usually brings very significant relief for most patients and shows a noticeable improvement in nerve function. We will monitor your condition over the following year to provide you with the best opportunity to maintain symptom relief. Realief Therapy employs the use of a titrated therapeutic laser that is safe, comfortable, non-invasive, and drug free.

You don’t have to undergo the entire treatment plan to see if it works. Generally, a reexamination is performed after 2 or 3 sessions to confirm that the patient is making acceptable progress.

Our Data is Real.

It’s easy to make up numbers. It’s harder to support them. WE CAN. Our claims are evidence based – not marketing hype. Your decision to begin Realief Therapy depends in part on gathering good information. (Download our most recent patient outcome data to see real patient outcomes)

Realief Therapy is currently being tested in a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, clinical trial with the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Click here to see details on the clinical trial with the University of Minnesota..

The PhD Director of BioMedical Statistics of a major medical center performed an independent analysis of the cumulative, multi-center Realief Therapy patient registry data. To request of copy of this analysis, please complete the request below.

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Realief Neuropathy Centers

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