Lunch & Learn Info Session!

Join us July 13th at 10:30.

(register to the right) or call – 952-446-7424

JOIN US AT: 7100 Northland Circle North – Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

The event will be in the conference room at the South Entrance. Lunch will be provided


Burning, cold or pain? Tingling or numbness? Balance or weakness problems? We ONLY treat Peripheral Neuropathy and we’ve been doing it for over 16 years

For 16 years Realief®Neuropathy Centers have pioneered a proven treatment to reduce your symptoms of numbness, pain, imbalance, and weakness. Realief® therapy is a patented safe, non-invasive, pain and drug-free treatment. Realief patients report our therapy system significantly improved their pain, discomfort, numbness, and balance concerns. The treatment is gentle and takes about an hour.

  • Regardless of the cause- known or unknown
  • Regardless of symptoms
  • It’s common for patients to have any number or combination of symptoms
  • It’s even common to not have pain with neuropathy

Realief is here to get YOU the help you’ve been looking for!

  • The ONLY clinic in Minnesota with a Patented treatment protocol for peripheral neuropathy.
  • Significant symptomatic improvement of all symptoms of neuropathy
  • Know in 1-2 Treatments if you are responding
  • Tested Evidence-Based Procedure
  • 16 years of exclusively treating peripheral neuropathy
  • Published double-blind placebo-controlled trial with the University of MN
  • No contract. No commitment. Pay per visit

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