legal notes

Biolyst is the franchisor of the Realief® Neuropathy Centers, and is not itself a health care provider or supplier. Health care providers pay a fee to Biolyst to become Realief Neuropathy Center franchisees with access to the Realief laser system, and to be included on this website. Biolyst does not refer or recommend any particular health care provider as an appropriate provider for delivery of care involving the Realief laser system or Realief Neuropathy Center franchise. Instead, Biolyst facilitates contacts between interested individuals and the health care providers that pay to operate a Realief Neuropathy Center franchise. Biolyst contracts with health care providers in various geographic locations and Biolyst only places individuals accessing this website in contact with the health care provider located in that individual’s geographic area. Biolyst’s franchise model in no way limits the medical judgment of its franchisee health care providers, and Biolyst does not control how such providers elect to provide services. Because Biolyst is not a health care provider or supplier, it is not permitted or qualified to evaluate or opine on any individual’s condition or circumstances or whether treatment or care at a Realief Neuropathy Center is appropriate for that individual and it makes no representations or warranties to any individual regarding the effectiveness of the Realief Neuropathy Centers or whether some other care setting or modality is more appropriate for that individual. As a result, it is solely up to you and the health care provider you select, through this website or otherwise, to determine whether use of the Realief laser system is appropriate for you.

Services provided using the Realief laser system may or may not be reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid or other federal or state health insurance programs or by commercial health insurance plans. Although some patients are reimbursed in whole or in part by their providers, a Realief Neuropathy Center does not submit any claims nor does the organization make any commitment regarding any potential level of reimbursement. Patients who go through care are required to pay out of pocket at the time of service. The Realief Center will provide necessary documentation to the patient for insurance submissions.

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